Change is something of a buzzword. It’s something we clamor for, a cry of the masses. It’s the reason we rally behind movements, march in the streets, and establish resolutions. We all want to see things change, but it seems like our desire doesn’t line up with reality.

Why is that?

Why do we get excited about seeing transformation—in our community, relationships, and ourselves—only to see our excitement dwindle to disillusionment?

Maybe it’s because change is hard.
Maybe it’s because we’re easily distracted.
Maybe it’s because on a deep level we don’t believe genuine change is even possible.
Maybe it’s all these things and more.

When it comes to your life, do you really believe that change is possible? Don’t rush to give the quick Christian “Yes." Take an inventory of your life, your experience with the church, and your journey as an apprentice to Jesus. Are there areas in your life that you’ve yet to let Jesus transform? Are there places where you’ve wanted to see change, even done everything you can to change them, but feel stuck?

The things we do shape the person we’re becoming. Our habits—both conscious and unconscious—form us. Who are you becoming? Who do you want to become?

Take some time (15, 30, or 60 minutes) and be still. Ask the Lord to show you the things in your life he wants to transform. As He guides your thoughts, ask Him for the strength to begin to make the necessary steps to submit those places to Him. Trust that His way is better than anything else and that change is truly possible.