At our first gathering we passed out bookmarks that are meant to be reminders and guides for you. Below is the content from this piece, so you can take some time and reflect on this experience. 

Find space where you aren't distracted. Turn off your phone. Take a deep breath and calm your heart. Say a quick prayer to invite the Holy Spirit to guide you as you engage these questions: 

1. Read Matthew 11:28-30 Go slowly, allowing the word to "read you." Consider and confess how you feel most burdened. Where is your soul most restless? Invite Jesus to teach you a new way and pace of life. 

2. Dallas Willard writes:

"Hurry is the great enemy of spiritual life in our day, You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life."

Where is hurry most present in your daily reality? What are a few practical ways God is inciting you to slow down and match your pace to Jesus? 

3. Take a moment to pause. Wait...beyond what feels comfortable. What has become most clear to you in this time of slowing down? What is one truth you need to claim or reclaim for the weeks to come? 

Check back for more reflections, thoughts, and stories from Gathering #1.